SeamlessMD Approved For Epic’s App Orchard

Health systems can now integrate SeamlessMD with Epic using SMART on FHIR – the latest standard in interoperability

Verona, Wisconsin – August 21, 2018 – Epic recently introduced SeamlessMD to the App Orchard to connect health systems with SeamlessMD’s Optimal Care Delivery platform. Hospitals and health systems can now natively integrate SeamlessMD with their Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) for a streamlined patient and provider experience.

SeamlessMD’s Optimal Care Delivery platform contains a suite of tools for patient engagement, care management, and quality improvement. The platform has been clinically-validated by many academic health systems to reduce length of stay, 30-day readmissions, ER visits, and costs.

For patients, SeamlessMD provides an app that keeps patients on-track throughout their surgery care pathways. The app includes education, tasks, reminders, and surveys for patients to self-manage and receive feedback from their care team.

For providers, SeamlessMD is used to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs), track protocol compliance, and monitor patients in real time to catch complications and intervene sooner for patients at-risk. In addition, SeamlessMD leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to enable health systems to perform more accurate risk prediction, outcomes benchmarking and collaborative quality improvement among peers.

With Epic’s App Orchard integration, which adheres to the new SMART on FHIR framework, providers will have a unified, streamlined experience using SeamlessMD. This integration allows providers to enrol patients onto SeamlessMD with a single click and access custom SeamlessMD dashboards and analytics – all while staying within the Epic platform.

Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD, explains, “This partnership with Epic provides strong validation for the work we are doing with health systems to improve outcomes and lower costs. We are excited for joint customers of Epic and SeamlessMD to achieve more streamlined and unified user experiences through this integration, leading to more efficient patient care. ”

Click here for more information about Epic’s App Orchard, and to view SeamlessMD’s dedicated page in the gallery.

About SeamlessMD

SeamlessMD provides the leading Optimal Care Delivery platform for health systems to deliver value-based models of care, including Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®), Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH), prehabilitation, readmissions prevention, bundled payments and Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data collection. Research completed by academic medical centers has shown SeamlessMD to reduce hospital length of stay, readmissions, ER visits, and costs. The platform includes tools for Patient Engagement, Care Management, and Quality Improvement. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, the SeamlessMD platform keeps patients on track from preparation through recovery with reminders, video-based education, progress tracking and PRO data collection. Providers can access real-time dashboards to measure compliance and outcomes, intervene sooner for patients at-risk and drive quality improvement across the organization. For more information, please visit:

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