Case Studies & Evidence

Customer Case Studies

Learn how leading hospitals and health systems partner with SeamelssMD to enhance the patient experience, improve surgical outcomes and lower costs.

Reducing Length of Stay by implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
Reducing staff time and automating data collection for Enhanced Recovery pathways
Reducing surgery cancellations and ER visits through patient self-management
Reducing hospital visits and improving patient engagement

Research Evidence

SeamlessMD is an evidence-based technology solution validated by clinical research. Below is research developed by leading academic medical centers in support of SeamlessMD.

The Perioperative Surgical Home reduces length of stay and improves value for patients undergoing elective cesarean section

A. Kett, E. Cherot, H. Lakritz, K. Murrell

An app for patient education and self-audit within an enhanced recovery program for colorectal surgery: A pilot study on validity and usability

N. Pecorelli, J. Fiore Jr., P. Kaneva, A. Somasundram, P. Charlebois, A. Liberman, B. Stein, F. Carli, L. Feldman

Use of mobile device reminders and web-based modules to improve surgical outcomes

C. Simone, R. Zeldin, N. Safieddine, J. Liu, P. Chen

Effect of a mobile health patient engagement tool for postoperative care of bariatric surgery patients

C. Masino, T. Samuel, M. Jimenez, S. Sockalingam, T. Jackson, F. Quereshy, M. Zweerman, D. McKenzie, A. Okrainec

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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

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