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Strategies, insights, and in-depth guides outlining how Digital Care Journeys support Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs, and drive greater adherence and compliance to ERAS pathways, while improving patient outcomes.

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ERAS Patient Education Toolkit for Colorectal

Whitepapers and Guides

ERAS Webinars

Leveling Up Your ERAS Program: How to Effectively Optimize and Scale Across Pathways

This interactive discussion with Gina McConnell, ERAS Cardiac Nurse Coordinator at WakeMed, Vicki Morton, Director of Clinical & Quality Outcomes at Providence Anesthesiology Associates and ERAS Program Leader at Novant Health, and Charlette Hart, Director of Surgery Administration at Baylor Scott & White covers the best practices for optimizing and scaling your ERAS program.

Tech Talk: Automating Your ERAS Program for Long Term Sustainability with Digital Care Journeys

This 40-minute tech talk covers how SeamlessMD, a Digital Care Journey platform used by leading health systems such as UAB, Atrium Health, University Hospitals, and Baystate Health, automates Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathways, optimizes patient compliance, improves outcomes, and lowers costs.

Best Practices for Deploying an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program

This interactive discussion will cover key aspects to consider when starting an ERAS program, how to get organizational buy-in across clinical stakeholders and executive leadership, how to form an ERAS committee, the fundamentals to measuring success, and the optimal timing of when and how to scale ERAS across service lines.

Product Talk: Improve your ERAS outcomes with Digital Care Journeys

With ongoing staff shortages, widespread burnout, and time-consuming manual patient education, health systems are struggling to scale their ERAS efforts and relieve the pressure on clinical staff To see how your organization can save time, money, and gain the full benefits of your ERAS program with Digital Care Journeys, watch this on-demand webinar today.
“With SeamlessMD we can control the educational content that our patients consume and empower patients to better adhere to our ERAS pathways. The ability to digitally collect PROs which are reflective of the patient’s experience allows us to intervene sooner if needed to improve the quality of care. Through the deployment of a digital application like SeamlessMD we were able to reduce cumulative length of stay, and readmissions and improve resource utilization for all patients.”
Dr. Dionisios Vrochides
Past President, ERAS® USA,
Chief, Transplant Oncology Section, Atrium Health
“Patient engagement technology like SeamlessMD is a recommended component in the ERAS® Cardiac guidelines. SeamlessMD has empowered our patients to be partners in their own care, leading to better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.”
Dr. Daniel Engelman
Medical Director, Heart & Vascular Center, Baystate Health President, ERAS® Cardiac Society


Engaging Patients & Reducing LOS
with SeamlessMD
“Surgery is often a confusing and overwhelming process for patients... Our patients can stay connected on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices with SeamlessMD so they are engaged with the recovery process both before and after surgery.”
Dr. Daniel Chu
ERAS Medical Director, UAB Medicine
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Surgical Remote Monitoring at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
“We have now had several patients that had their first joint replacement surgery completed at the beginning of the pandemic, and their second joint replacement in the past months with the SeamlessMD app. The feedback we have received is very compelling with patients saying their experience was 100x better with the app and the support of our NP.”
Caroline Fanti
Director of Regional Surgical Services, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
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Using Patient Engagement Technology to Amplify Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Success
"Seamless has become essential for success for us when it comes to ERAS because it really helps with keeping patients on-task and on-target... It also helps with ERAS specifically because we can track compliance. We can now say, you know, we're not compliant in the last month in these three components..."
Misty B. Eller
Former Advance Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health
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