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The Role of Digital Care Journeys
in a Health System’s Digital
Front Door Strategy

Guide patients step-by-step through episodes of care

Digital Care Plans for dozens of use cases across Pre and Post-Surgery, Oncology, Maternity Care and Chronic Care - fully customizable by your clinical teams.

Engage patients with automated reminders, to-do-lists, education and progress tracking (e.g. symptom monitoring).

“Having gone through this surgery twice, the second time with this program (SeamlessMD) seemed a lot more helpful and made me feel a lot more at ease with problems I would be facing - thank you very much!”
“It was like a friend checking up on you. This (SeamlessMD) made my second recovery so much better. I wish I had this for my first C-section!”

Elevate the patient experience

Automated, digital guidance keeps patients on track and feeling more connected to your care teams pre and post-care - leading to less anxiety and improved patient satisfaction.

Patients who use SeamlessMD for pre and post-care journeys:

  • 82% of patients feel less anxious before hospital admission (e.g. surgery)
  • 86% of patients feel more confident with at-home recovery
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Improve quality & patient safety

A proven approach to engaging and monitoring patients that actually improves health outcomes.

Validated by an industry-leading 25+ studies & evaluations to decrease length of stay, readmissions, ED visits and total cost of care.

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Fully integrated digital patient experience

Leverage turn-key integrations with patient portals such as Epic MyChart.

Embed your own brand and content into the consumer experience to build trust and loyalty.

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