How to Implement Surgical Remote Monitoring: Constructing Your Communication Strategy

In a post-pandemic health economy, healthcare organizations will continue to rely on remote monitoring solutions to increase access to care, reduce surgical backlogs, and improve patient outcomes. A successful Surgical Remote Monitoring program should not only operate as an effective tool that integrates well into clinical workflow, but should also require a thorough communication strategy for patients & the community, as well as providers & staff. As the introduction of new technology can present new challenges, an effective communication strategy will help equip both patients and providers with the right information.

Your messaging should include information about:

  • • Why you are launching a Surgical Remote Monitoring initiative
  • • When it is starting
  • • Anticipated benefits for patients, families and the hospital
  • • Key stakeholder contacts to learn more

Below is a list of best practice communication strategies to consider:

For Patients & Community:

  • • Posters and brochures within the surgeon’s offices and on the in-patient surgical floors
  • • Hospital website bulletin/page
  • • Media release about the initiative
  • • Community based organizations (i.e. Canadian Association of Retired Persons)
  • • Communication by surgeons and clinical teams after patients consent for surgery (enroll patients early as part of their pre-op preparation)

For Providers & Hospital Staff:

  • • Memorandums
  • • E-mail blasts
  • • Clinical committee meetings
  • • Leadership committee meetings
  • • Huddles

Most importantly, your physician champion, administrative champion and key stakeholders must play a leadership role in promoting the initiative across the hospital. The excitement your team delivers around this initiative has a significant impact on patient adoption. 

Check out our podcast episode on “How to Implement Surgical Remote Monitoring” where we discuss the topic in-depth below:

Want a step-by-step plan to help you get started with a Surgical Remote Monitoring program? Download our free whitepaper here for a practical guide on how to get started with a Surgical Remote Monitoring program today.

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