SeamlessMD Featured in Ontario Health Webinar: Spotlight on Innovative Virtual Care Models

Recently, the Ontario Health Team (OHT) produced a Virtual Engagement Series in collaboration with Ontario Health (OH) and partners in the Central Program of Supports, for healthcare teams in Ontario to learn, ask questions, and share successes or challenges about areas of common interest.

The first session was a spotlight on Innovative Virtual Care Models featuring Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC)’s partnership with SeamlessMD. In the webinar (link), Caroline Fanti, Director of Regional Surgical Services at TBRHSC, shares the success that Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has had so far with the technology including:

  • • 94.88% Patient Activation Rate;
  • • 85.48% Patient Engagement Rate (i.e. Patients completing a “health check” survey 1 week post-op);
  • • Improved Patient Satisfaction Results;
  • • ↓ patient phone calls;
  • • ↓ 41.03% 30-day ED Visits; and
  • • ↓ 4.03% 30-day Readmissions;

Caroline Fanti’s presentation from the Virtual Engagement Series Webinar #1: Spotlight on Innovative Virtual Care Models:

Caroline Fanti, Director of Regional Surgical Services at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, presents on TBRHSC’s success with SeamlessMD

[33:50] An overview on how SeamlessMD:

  1. 1. Specializes in digital care plans for remote patient monitoring and how all care plans are centered around the patient experience to ensure better health outcomes;
  2. 2. Guides patients before, during and after hospitalization through reminders, to-do lists, evidence-based education, and progress tracking through surveys;
  3. 3. Allows for automated feedback as well as real-time patient monitoring to address problems sooner;

[37:31] How remote monitoring has been essential towards resolving the geographical challenges TBRHSC patients may face in terms of gaining access to surgical care;  

[39:35] How SeamlessMD has facilitated patient engagement for Total Hip and Knee replacement patients not only based on statistics such as activation rates, but also based on anecdotal data from patients stating that remote monitoring support from the platform during COVID-19 has enhanced their patient experience;

[42:37] How the implementation of SeamlessMD has led to:

  1. 1. Positive patient satisfaction data overall;
  2. 2. Decreases in calls and visits required;
  3. 3. Positive patient comments and feedback;

[46:35] How SeamlessMD has led to a significant improvement in ED visits 30 days post-discharge for patients on SeamlessMD vs. Non-SeamlessMD patients;

For more information and to see SeamlessMD in action, please visit:

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