SeamlessMD Podcast – Episode 41 – Dr. Kevin Lobdell: Surgical Remote Monitoring & Perfect Care



In this episode of the SeamlessMD Podcast, Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD, and marketing colleague, Alan Sardana, chat with Dr. Kevin W. Lobdell, System Director for Cardiovascular Surgical Quality, Education, & Research at Atrium Health and Chairman and Executive Director of PerfectCare, about Surgical Remote Monitoring & Perfect Care. See the full show notes below for details.

Guest(s): Dr. Kevin W. Lobdell (@Perfect_Care_), System Director for Cardiovascular Surgical Quality, Education, & Research at Atrium Health and Chairman & Executive Director at PerfectCare.

Dr. Joshua Liu (@joshuapliu), Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD

Episode 41 – Show notes:

[0:08] Introducing Dr. Kevin Lobdell, Chairman & Executive Director of PerfectCare;

[2:20] How Dr. Lobdell developed a passion for improving surgical quality through his love for learning, his passion for problem-solving, and finding the optimal solution to healthcare’s greatest challenges;

[5:00] How Dr. Lobdell started PerfectCare data as a platform to: 
1.     Enhance patient and clinician interaction through remote patient monitoring;
2.     Better utilize large volumes of data collected throughout the patient journey to fill in the gaps in care;

[9:40] How PerfectCare was able to overcome barriers to remote monitoring and gain momentum as an effective, long-term solution through Dr. Lobdell’s relentless dedication to showcasing the value of leveraging intelligent technology to improve patient outcomes, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic;

[14:11] Why it’s important to challenge health care providers to find ways to conveniently bring perioperative care to patients through technology to improve access to care, especially for patients in rural communities;

[16:33] How you can leverage emerging technology to connect health care leaders and encourage them to share collected data;

[18:00] How leadership was a key skill that helped Dr. Lobdell empower his Cardiac team to stand behind the PerfectCare initiative;

[22:10] Why building a great team early on and fostering a strong team dynamic is an important learning from Dr. Lobdell’s experiences, and a helpful piece of advice for anyone looking to begin their journey in implementing a successful virtual care program;

[24:58] How resilience, grit, and finding meaning in the work that you do helps drive motivation to accomplish many different initiatives, especially in challenging environments such as healthcare;

[30:38] How quantitative metrics show that PerfectCare complements the industry shift to value-based care by reducing readmission rates, LOS, office visits, ED visits and overall costs;

[35:00] How patient feedback can provide valuable insights as to the effectiveness of the platform, as well as highlight key areas to continuously improve;

[36:43] How COVID-19 has played a key role in driving the demand for virtualized care, and is increasingly becoming the standard for all organizations to eventually adapt to;

[41:58] How one of Dr. Lobdell’s latest manuscripts on the Technological Advancements to Enhance Recovery After Cardiac Surgery helps to fill a gap in the communication of this topic, and share learnings to a wider audience;

[44:06] Fast Five / Lightning Round Questions:

Q1: What is your favorite book or book you’ve gifted the most?
A1: “Team of Teams: A Leadership Model for a Complex World,” by Stan McChrystal
“Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown” by Eric Blehm
“How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton Christensen

Q2: How has an apparent failure set you up for greater success?
A2: “You really have to realize failure is just a part of the journey and it’s an opportunity to learn and improve.”

Q3: Would you rather have super strength, super speed, or the ability to read people’s minds?
A3: “I think the answer to that is super speed and the reason I say that is time is finite … I think that truly if we could do things faster it takes advantage of this knowledge that time is probably our most precious resource. ”

Q4: What is something in healthcare you believe that others might find insane?
A4: “There are some incredible leaders, there are some incredibly selfless people that respond to COVID-19 with all of this uncertainty and get up and do it day-after-day. While people hear that, I don’t know that they really understand how amazing so many people are in medicine – whether it’s doctors, nurses, administrators, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, entrepreneurs such as yourself –  that you know want us to do better.”

Q5: What is 1 hobby or activity you’ve gotten into since the pandemic?
A5: “I’ve really doubled down on my fitness efforts and tying that together with PerfectCare. I’ve recently evolved from using Fitbit to WHOOP and learned a lot about strain recovery, sleep and how to optimize my own personal performance.”

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