SeamlessMD Featured by UofT Medical Alumni Association

The team at SeamlessMD was thrilled to see SeamlessMD featured by UofT’s Medical Alumni Association in their recent post highlighting various Alumni startups helping ease the pandemic. Partially because it has an old picture of SeamlessMD CEO, Dr. Joshua Liu, but also because it shares how SeamlessMD is helping healthcare organizations keep patients safe & connected while at home during COVID-19.

Below is an excerpt from the UofT Medical Alumi Association feature:

Dr. Liu is the CEO of SeamlessMD, which provides hospitals across North America with a software platform that allows health care teams to virtually engage, monitor, and connect with patients going through surgery, cancer treatments, or managing a chronic disease. Patients are guided on their smartphone, tablet, or computer with personalized information, step-by-step instructions, and symptom tracking. Health care teams can get alerts and dashboards to monitor patients and catch complications early.

The platform reduces the need for in-person consults. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, for example, found that by using SeamlessMD, 35% of their orthopedic surgery patients reported avoiding one or more hospital visits. During the pandemic, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre used SeamlessMD to monitor surgical patients and decreased post-op ER visits by 25% even though surgery cases increased by 40%.

The startup also provides remote monitoring for low- and high-risk COVID-19 patients. The software gives patients information about COVID-19 and can survey their symptoms. It ensures that patients know how to self-isolate, what symptoms to look for, and when to go to the hospital. And St. Joseph’s Home Care in Hamilton is using SeamlessMD to monitor their staff for signs of COVID-19.

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