SeamlessMD Podcast – Episode 29 – Using Digital Patient Engagement for Post-op Monitoring



In this episode of the SeamlessMD Podcast, Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD, and marketing colleague, Alan Sardana, chat with Kayla Sabharwal, MBA, Customer Success Manager at SeamlessMD on “Using Digital Patient Engagement for Post-op Monitoring”. See the full show notes below for details.

Ms. Kayla Sabharwal, MBA, Customer Success Manager at SeamlessMD

Dr. Joshua Liu (@joshuapliu), Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD

Episode 29 – Show notes:

[1:07] Ms. Sabharwal shares two of her favorite healthcare initiatives she worked on while at Ernst & Young (EY) – a provincial review of electronic health record (EHR) systems and “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA), where repetitive transactional processes such as the submission of invoices to the Ministry were mapped and automated;

[5:39] Ms. Sabharwal discusses the biggest challenges she faced while working on said healthcare initiatives, such as dealing with fiscal & resource constraints;

[6:37] Ms. Sabharwal talks about the SeamlessMD Supercluster Project, a federally-funded initiative driven by Canada’s technology & digital supercluster for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, and how it enables Canadian hospitals to use machine-learning-based digital patient engagement to create predictive models for outcomes such as readmission;

[10:54] Why the supercluster project uses a more generalized care pathway compared to a customized surgical pathway to accommodate all surgical patients;

[13:20] How hospitals typically nominate 1-2 representatives from each surgery group to provide insight and feedback on the generalized pathway;

[18:28] Why EHR integration is crucial for post-op monitoring so providers can launch SeamlessMD from within their charting system (eg Epic, Cerner, Meditech, etc.), improving the utilization of the application;

[21:56] How Ms. Sabharwal has developed communication strategies for providers to educate patients about SeamlessMD, improving overall adoption of the platform;

[24:16] How success is defined for post-op monitoring in various ways, such as provider feedback, as well as patient activation & engagement rates (i.e. adoption rate, survey response rate);

[26:08] How post-op monitoring works with digital patient engagement by collecting patient recovery & symptom data, making this data available for their healthcare team to determine whether follow-up visits are needed, and by providing patients a recommendation based on their input to empower them to become an active participant in their own care and recovery;

[30:28] Why incorporating new workflows or optimizing old ones is challenging due to the sheer number of stakeholders (administrators, IT, healthcare team, etc.) necessary and how excellent communication helps with this process;

[28:27] —> Lightning Round / Fast 5 Questions

Q1: What is your favorite book/book you’ve gifted the most?

A1: “Why Buddhism Is True”, a book by Robert Wright that connects principles of Buddhism to modern psychology and brings them together in a really interesting way.

Q2: What is your favorite movie / TV show?

A2: Friends

Q3: What is something in healthcare you believe that others may find insane?

A3: It’s weird how so much of things in healthcare are still paper-based considering how integrated technology is into our society, as well as how little access patients have to their own medical data.

Q4: Super strength, super speed, or reading other people’s minds?

A4: Reading minds!

Q5: One hobby/activity that you’ve gotten into since the pandemic?

A5: Started playing piano again after not playing since I was a child!

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