SeamlessMD Podcast – Episode 28 – The Best Episodes of 2020



In this episode of the SeamlessMD Podcast, Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD & Marketing colleague, Alan Sardana, discuss their favorite episodes from the SeamlessMD Podcast in 2020. See the full show notes below for details.

Guest(s): Dr. Joshua Liu (@joshuapliu), Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD

Episode 28 – Show notes:

[1:25] Discussing Podcast Episode #1 – “Company Origins”, where Dr. Liu and Mr. Sardana discuss how the company started, learning about different challenges in the patient experience, how being remote due to COVID-19 inspired them to start the podcast, and why Dr. Liu says the first episode represents taking the leap in showing the industry more about SeamlessMD;

[4:25] Discussing Podcast Episode #10 – “Dr. Jehangir Appoo: From Cardiac Surgeon to Venture Capital Investor” featuring Dr. Jehangir Appoo and his aforementioned transition, including his high-level approach to virtual care, the future of healthcare and healthcare technology, and why Mr. Sardana found the topic to be particularly fascinating for developing a framework for effective virtual care;

[9:04] Discussing Podcast Episode #9 – “Best Practices For Implementing Digital Patient Engagement” with Ms. Meherazade Sumariwalla MHA, Director of Customer Success at SeamlessMD, why SeamlessMD’s customer success team is as valuable as the software itself, and how this episode provides strong examples for the “ripple effect” the podcast has had on facets including investor relations and company hiring;

[14:10] Discussing Podcast Episode #27 – “Top 7 Digital Patient Engagement Myths” highlighting various topics such as the importance of the implementation process and clarifying terms like “digital patient engagement” from umbrella terms like “telemedicine” and “virtual care”;

[18:36] Discussing Podcast Episode #15 – “Lessons Learned Investing in Health-Tech” with Robert Ritlop, MBA, M. Eng, Director of Investments at MEDTEQ, and his candid perspectives on healthcare technology, health-tech innovation, and the barriers present within this market;

[20:56] Discussing Podcast Episode #8- “Incorporating Digital Health Literacy & Accessibility into Digital Patient Engagement” with Denice Koo MHSc, Director of Patient Engagement at SeamlessMD, and how this episode discusses the thought processes “behind-the-scenes” when developing education for a patient care program;

[26:39] Discussing Podcast Episode #7 – “Digital Patient Engagement for Prehab”, how “prehab” is currently in its infancy similar to Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) 15 years ago, and how the concept is becoming increasingly valued over time;

[32:33] Reflecting on audience feedback, such as what people liked and their memorable moments from 2020 SeamlessMD Podcast;

[39:46] Lightning Round / Fast 5 Questions

Q1: What is your favorite book/book gifted the most?

A1 – Dr. Liu: Book 1 of The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner, about orphaned children living in a boxcar and the story of how they got by

A1 – Mr. Sardana: “Awareness” by Anthony De Mello, a book that presents a philosophical stance on awareness and the nature of reality;

Q2: Favorite movie/TV Show?

A2 – Dr. Liu: Growing up, I really liked “October Sky”, a film based on the true story of Homer Hickham, where Jake Gyllenhaal plays a high school kid and abandons his father’s wishes of being a coal miner to instead to join NASA. Then at some point, it changed to “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe, based on the true story of famous mathematician John Nash. Recently, it’s “Arrival”, with Amy Adams.

A2 – Mr. Sardana: My favorite movie changes all the time but I’m a big fan of director David Lynch and his movie, Mulholland Drive. Lynchian movies are typically characterized by his use of invoking emotion and leaving clues for the audience to piece together a mystery;

Q3: What is something you believe in healthcare that others may find insane?

A3 – Dr. Liu: There are too many grants awarded to prove that an innovation works (has positive results, good impact on patients) with no clear path to market adoption.

A3 – Mr. Sardana: The mind is powerful, and placebo has more influence than we currently acknowledge;

Q4: Super strength, super speed, or reading minds?

A4 – Dr. Liu: Super speed.

A4 – Mr. Sardana: Super speed;

Q5: What is one hobby/activity you’ve gotten into since the beginning of the pandemic?

A5 – Dr. Liu: Recently started making protein banana pancakes!

A5 – Mr. Sardana: Movement classes (yoga/pilates/HIIT);

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