SeamlessMD CEO featured in UofT Medicine Alumni Highlight

The team at SeamlessMD was thrilled to read about SeamlessMD’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Joshua Liu, in a recent UofT Medicine Alum feature on his experience building SeamlessMD. In the feature, Dr. Liu shares a sports analogy to cover how his role has evolved over time and to relay his views on growth, risk, and learning as you go.

Below is an excerpt from the UofT Medicine Alum Feature:

“When our company was first starting out, I was like a player on a basketball court. There were so few of us that each of us worked on every aspect of the business.

Then, as we added more employees, I became more of a player-coach. I was still in the trenches, however I also had to coach other players — our employees — to execute the strategy I developed.

Now, as we prepare to double our company’s workforce in the next year, I’m transitioning into a general manager role. More of my days are spent designing our team and making sure we have the right personnel in place to achieve our long-term goals.

This constant evolution is a big part of what initially attracted me to entrepreneurship. Some people really like specializing and becoming true masters of their craft. In Medicine, that’s often what happens.
On the other hand, when you’re building a business you have to be a generalist. You need to wear many hats throughout your company’s lifespan. As CEO, I have had to learn how to do sales, marketing, customer success, hiring, etc. My role grew as my company did. I had, and still have to be, comfortable not knowing everything and not being an expert in everything I do.”

Dr. Joshua Liu, co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD

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