New Case Study: Implementing a Patient Engagement Platform For Cardiac Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

We are thrilled to share the results of our partnership with Baystate Health, a 5-hospital health system in Western Massachusetts. Below is a downloadable case study.

At Baystate Health, Dr. Daniel Engelman, Medical Director for the Heart & Vascular Surgical Program, and President of the ERAS® Cardiac International Society, recognized that patient engagement is an essential component for a Cardiac ERAS program. However, he realized that in-person education, instruction booklets and paper-based surveys resulted in limited patient compliance and no easy way to track patient progress.

To address these challenges, Baystate Health implemented SeamlessMD as part of its Cardiac ERAS program and achieved the following results:

  • ↓0.9 days length of stay (LOS)
  • ↓72% 30-day readmissions
  • ↓69% Observation stays
  • ↓60% discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Click Here to read the full Baystate Health case study.

“Patient engagement technology like SeamlessMD is a recommended component in the ERAS® Cardiac guidelines. SeamlessMD has empowered our patients to be partners in their own care, leading to better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.”

Dr. Daniel Engelman, Medical Director, Heart & Vascular Center, Baystate Health
President, ERAS® Cardiac Society

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