SeamlessMD CEO speaks at HealthTO about building an Enterprise Healthcare company

On April 6, 2017, SeamlessMD CEO Dr. Joshua Liu was a keynote speaker at HealthTO as part of Toronto’s Health Innovation Week.

Dr. Liu’s presentation focused on helping companies learn how to build an enterprise software company in healthcare.

HealthTO is a community for healthcare innovation professionals and enthusiasts in Toronto’s technology sector (and beyond). HealthTO’s bi-monthly events bring together the Toronto healthcare community (practitioners, administrators and technologists) to discuss topics related to the future of innovation in health and wellness.

Other keynote speakers that evening included:

  • Suarabh Mukhi, CTO of Think Research
  • Mike Heinrich, Managing Director of Reframe Health Lab (formerly Evans Health Lab)
  • Brett Belchetz, Co-Founder and CEO of Maple
  • Grace Soyao, Founder & CEO of Self Care Catalysts

Thank you HealthTO for putting on such a great event – it was a privilege to participate!

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