SeamlessMD CEO featured in Joule Innovation Podcast

SeamlessMD CEO, Dr. Joshua Liu, was recently invited to participate in a new Podcast series on physician-led innovation for Joule, the innovation program of the Canadian Medical Association.

The purpose of this new Podcast series is to feature thought-provoking conversations with physician entrepreneurs, experts in innovation and more.

You can listen to the Podcast episode featuring Dr. Liu here.

Below is the description of the Podcast episode:

Dr. Joshua Liu, co-founder and CEO of SeamlessMD, and Dr. Matt Bromwich, ENT Surgeon, and Founder and CMO of Clearwater Clinical, discuss the challenges physicians face when trying to innovate from within the hospital setting.

Hear stories of how Dr. Bromwich started his entrepreneurial journey as a resident, building prototypes in his basement, to now developing mobile medical devices through his successful company, Clearwater Clinical.

He addresses key challenges including lack of time and resources to innovate, low risk tolerance, conflict of interest, and competing priorities.

In addition to his passion and self-professed stubbornness not to give up, Dr. Bromwich shares some integral tips to success including: start small, move quickly and think big.

He also stresses that innovation is a team sport, so it’s essential to establish connections and support from within and from outside the hospital setting.

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