SeamlessMD CEO becomes Chair of Innovation Council for Canadian Medical Association

On April 25, 2016, SeamlessMD CEO, Dr. Joshua Liu, became the inaugural Chair for the Joule Innovation Council of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The CMA is Canada’s national, voluntary membership association of over 83,000 physicians and physicians-in-training.

As Chair of the Joule Innovation Council, Dr. Liu is leading a select group of physician innovators and healthcare leaders who will guide the CMA’s work in supporting physician innovators across Canada.

To celebrate the launch of the Joule Innovation Program and the Joule Innovation Council, the CMA held a 2-day Innovation Forum with 60 physician thought leaders from across Canada.

As part of the Innovation Forum, Dr. Liu delivered a Keynote Presentation on going from Ideation to Healthcare Innovation. Dr. Liu’s presentation provided practical tools for physician innovators, using the successes and challenges learned from building SeamlessMD.

Here are some highlights of Dr. Liu’s keynote from Twitter:

At SeamlessMD, we support physician innovators to improve perioperative care and clinical outcomes. Furthermore, we believe in helping the healthcare ecosystem advance forward and making it easier for other innovations to thrive.

The creation of the Joule Innovation Council is an exciting step for increasing healthcare innovation in Canada. We look forward to seeing how Dr. Liu and his colleagues on the Joule Innovation Council will pave the way for more meaningful, healthcare innovation and a better healthcare system for call!

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