CEO of SeamlessMD to speak at EXCITE2015 Conference

On March 7, 2015, our CEO Joshua Liu will be speaking at the EXCITE2015 Conference being held at the Earth Science Center Auditorium (ES 1050) at University of Toronto between 1-5PM. EXCITE2015 aims to bring together some of the top minds from the healthcare industry, with a focus on e-health and wearable technologies, to share their unique personal experience and invaluable insights into the industry. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD will be sharing his story and will also be discussing how to bring a digital health product to market, including ideation, product development and implementation in the live healthcare setting. The conference is designed to help students & industry professionals from all backgrounds to find a path of their own in the healthcare indurstry.

Other speakers in the session include:

For more information, visit the official Excite2015 Conference Website

The Seamless Team

SeamlessMD transforms paper-based instructions into an interactive, personal navigator for patients on smart phones, tablets and the web to improve outcomes and lower costs.

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