Case Study – Toronto East General Hospital Uses SeamlessMD To Improve Patient Engagement

Over the past several years, we have seen a shift in how the healthcare industry is approaching patient engagement. Healthcare providers are now finding new and innovative ways to engage their patients during complicated surgical care pathways while producing valuable feedback to help improve their delivery of care. With an increase in government regulations that measure performance based on patient experience metrics and healthcare organizations working towards a common goal of achieving coordinated care, a patient engagement strategy has now become an extremely critical part of the business of delivering care.

To achieve the “triple aim” of healthcare, hospitals are now leveraging technology as part of their patient engagement strategy to – improve surgical outcomes, reduce costs and improve productivity so that patients receive the right care at the right time and in the most cost effective way.

Toronto East General Hospitals Patient Engagement Strategy

patient-engagement-seamlessMDIn early 2014, Dr. Carmine Simone, Chief of Surgeon at the Toronto East General Hospital understood the importance of patient engagement and was actively looking to improve patient care within his organization.  Despite being a Level 1 Centre of Excellence for Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Simone found his patients facing difficulties adhering to instructions and staying engaged in the process between visits. He also found that patients were overwhelmed with all the instructions they had to remember preparing for major cancer surgery and recovering afterwords.

postopIt was around this time when Dr. Simone partnered up with SeamlessMD to implement a custom patient engagement solution for Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH). Dr. Simone found that SeamlessMD understood that true patient engagement is not just about online patient portals, communication or education. True patient engagement is really about the willingness of patients to self-manage their own health and about an open collaboration between providers and patients to manage and achieve positive health outcomes.

At the end of a pilot period, Toronto East General Hospital saw numerous benefits from implementing SeamlessMD for Thoracic Surgery. To learn about the results with SeamlessMD’s partnership with Toronto East General hospital, we have compiled a 6 page case study that you can download for free.

Download the free report and:

  • Learn about the custom solution SeamlessMD designed for Toronto East General Hospital
  • Get clarity on how patients are looking to interact with healthcare providers
  • Key results & numbers from the pilot with SeamlessMD
  • The benefits provided to patients, surgeons & administrators


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