A powerful platform for plastic surgeons to improve
patient engagement, experience & quality of care

Case Study: Toronto East General Hospital

Find out how TEGH was able to improve surgical outcomes with SeamlessMD

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We enable surgeons to redesign the patient journey through surgery

Our turnkey solution provides automated patient engagement across the patient journey,
from pre-op preparation to post-op recovery.

Before the procedure

Boost adherence to pre-op instructions with
interactive reminders & checklists.

After the procedure

Streamline recovery with digital checkins, self-management tools and interactive education.

Quality Improvement

Improve quality of care by tracking patient-reported outcomes & using population analytics.

Our cloud-based solution helps you:

  • Improve patient adherence to instructions
  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Reduce surgery cancellations
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient reviews on rating websites
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls

heath outcome surveys
Of patients avoided phone calls
to the surgeon’s office
Increase in online
patient reviews
Of patients avoided visits
back to the hospital
Of patients are more likely to chose a surgeon using SeamlessMD

Deliver personalized patient engagement

Choose from our library of plastic surgery modules and customize our templates to match your practice. Engage patients from pre-op to post-op using reminders, checklists, videos and digital checkins.

Plastic Surgery use Cases:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Face and Neck Lift
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Micro Fat Grafting
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Labial reduction

health education

Increase pre-op adherence with checklists & reminders

Automatically send reminders to keep patients on track, such as when to stop blood thinners. Provide checklists to help patients better prepare for surgery and stick to your care plan.

heath outcome surveys

Empower post-op self-management during recovery

Reduce unnecessary phone calls & clinic visits through digital checkins and automated feedback which help patients learn how to self-manage.

patient satisfaction surveys

Measure and improve your performance

Leverage powerful analytics to measure and improve the quality and performance of your practice.

heath outcome surveys

Increase patient reviews on rating websites

Increase your patient reviews online by 200%

By motivating patients to complete online reviews, our platform has been shown to double a practice’s online reviews. The higher your ranking on physician rating websites, the more patients you will have coming through your door.

health education


Engaged Patients. Better Outcomes.

Start delivering better care today.


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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

If you are a patient and need help with the program, please contact