Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

#1 Digital Patient Engagement Platform For Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

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#1 Digital Patient Engagement Platform For Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

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Partnered with leading ERAS programs to improve patient care
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Using Patient Engagement Technology to amplify Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) success and Reduce LOS

"Seamless has become essential for success for us when it comes to ERAS because it really helps with keeping patients on-task and on-target... It also helps with ERAS specifically because we can track compliance. We can now say, you know, we're not compliant in the last month in these three components..."
Misty B. Eller
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health

Deliver standardized ERAS patient education

Ensure all of your patients receive the same ERAS protocols by digitizing your ERAS education & protocols - giving you a centralized source of information. Update anytime so your patients always get your up-to-date ERAS education and protocols.

Reduce length of stay by tracking & improving patient compliance

Track ERAS compliance & barriers to non-compliance by sending automated protocol reminders, prompting patients to report compliance, and inquiring into barriers for non-compliance. Healthcare providers can easily view population compliance across all ERAS protocols to identify poor compliance & areas for quality improvement.

Reduce opioid use by collecting daily ERAS-related PROs after discharge

Get real-time patient-reported outcomes benchmarking & reporting by automating PRO data collection, such as pain scores, opioid use, and validated surveys (e.g. PROMIS) across the episode of care. With the continued shift to value-based care and consumerism, providers can use insights from ERAS PROs to continuously improve patient outcomes - for example, understanding actual opioid consumption in order to safely reduce opioid prescribing over time. Get real-time patient-reported outcomes benchmarking to adjust care.

Using Digital Patient Engagement to Reduce ERAS Costs by $1,369 per patient (p=0.02)

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Using SeamlessMD to optimize an existing ERAS program, saving an additional $2,300+ per patient

"The mean LOS and SSI rates for those enrolled versus not enrolled in the phone application was 4.4 days versus 6.4 days (p = 0.006) and 3.4% versus 11.3% (p = 0.019), respectively. The mean total cost of patients enrolled was $11,560; total cost of those not enrolled was $13,946 (p = 0.024)."

How Digital Patient Engagement Improves ERAS Success

Learn how Digital Patient Engagement help you: • Deliver standardized ERAS patient education; • Reduce Length of Stay by tracking & improving patient compliance; and • Reduce opioid use by collecting daily ERAS-related PROs;

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Reducing LOS by 0.9 days, 30-day readmissions by 72%, and SNF use by 60%

“Patient engagement technology like SeamlessMD is a recommended component in the ERAS® Cardiac guidelines. SeamlessMD has empowered our patients to be partners in their own care, leading to better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.”
Dr. Daniel Engelman
Medical Director, Heart & Vascular Center, Baystate Health, President, ERAS® Cardiac Society
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completion rate of patient self-reported ERAS compliance & outcome surveys
0 %
average agreement between App and human auditor for the collection of ERAS compliance data
0 %
of patients found the program helpful to achieve their daily recovery goals
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Using SeamlessMD to measure patient ERAS compliance and collect Patient-Reported Outcomes

McGill University showed that digital patient engagement is a tool to accurately measure patient adherence to ERAS and to collect PROs.

Pecorelli, N., Fiore, J.F., Kaneva, P. et al. An app for patient education and self-audit within an enhanced recovery program for bowel surgery: a pilot study assessing validity and usability. Surg Endosc 32, 2263–2273 (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00464-017-5920-3

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Check out this podcast episode featuring Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD, discussing Using Digital Patient Engagement for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery!

Free ERAS Resource: ERAS Patient Education Tool Kit

Download our FREE ERAS Patient Education Tool Kit to quickly create patient education guides for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. The ERAS Tool Kit includes:


Drag + Drop evidence-based ERAS educational content for your patients.

Accessible Content

Language that adheres to best practices for health literacy (adult learning, grade 6 reading levels, color-blind tested, contract-tested, etc.)


Best practice illustrations and content.

Comprehensive Modules

Complete modules for pre-op, in-hospital, and post-discharge.

Think SeamlessMD might be right for your patient population?
“SeamlessMD is taking the recommendations that we‘re giving patients in the ERAS process, and it‘s putting that right in a patient‘s pocket. It‘s a neat technology that‘s truly aligned with our own goals of better health for those patients coming through the ERAS process.“
Anthony Perry
Dr. Anthony Perry
Vice President, Ambulatory Care & Population Health, Rush University Medical Center

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