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Best Practices for High Patient Engagement

SeamlessMD utilizes cutting-edge interactive technology to improve patient self-care through simple, action-oriented, tailored and accessible education. We use a design strategy that combines the best of the fields of health literacy, adult education and online accessibility.

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Surgery is very, very confusing. The way we've presented the information to patients before hasn’t been very good. SeamlessMD helps us do it better. It’s constantly engaged with patients... There’s an incredible education library that is there that’s very much picture based. Very visual instead of being text heavy. That patients can help understand how to take the bowel prep, how to change an ostomy. So that’s there, and that takes some of the load off of the nurses that we have in terms of education.
Dr. Daniel Chu
Dr. Daniel Chu
ERAS Medical Director and Colorectal Surgeon, UAB Medicine

Design Features

Health literacy universal precautions

Grade 6 level plain language throughout

Simple step-by-step illustrations

Bite-sized, real-time messaging

Multiplatform Access

Color blind testing

Contrast Testing

F-shaped inverted pyramid content to fit online reading patterns

Caregiver Enrollment

Available on all devices

Multiplatform Access

Patients can access SeamlessMD on their smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.

Patient Friendly

SeamlessMD meets the latest health literacy guidelines (e.g. Grade 6 reading level), is accessibility tested (e.g. color-blindness), and supports multiple languages.


Keeps Family Engaged

50% of patients enroll a caregiver to follow along their journey.

Continuous Improvement

SeamlessMD conducts weekly patient interviews, reviews weekly in-app feedback, and applies data science to millions of patient interactions on the platform for partners to continuously improve care.

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