Canada Remote Patient Monitoring

SeamlessMD Keeps Patients Safe & Connected During COVID-19
SeamlessMD Keeps Patients Safe & Connected During COVID-19

Remote Patient Monitoring platform for Canadian hospitals during COVID-19

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Remote Patient Monitoring platform for Canadian hospitals during COVID-19

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Leading Canadian organizations have partnered with SeamlessMD for remote monitoring during COVID-19

In 2020, the Governemnt of Canada announced

SeamlessMD is the only Canadian company on Ontario Telemedicine Network's

How SeamlessMD helps engage & monitor patients

How SeamlessMD helps reduce the surgery backlog

Digital pre-op risk assessments

Collect pre-op anesthesia surveys remotely to automate patient risk profiles. Dashboards to risk-stratify patients and adjust surgery schedules more safely.

Digital pre & post-op education

Deliver digital reminders & interactive education. Replace in-person surgery classes with interactive digital education - including your own videos for pre-op classes or post-op physiotherapy exercises.

Pre-Op COVID-19 screening

Monitor patients for signs of COVID-19 in the days leading up to surgery. Reschedule surgery for patients at-risk of COVID-19 faster.

↑ throughput by ↓ Length of Stay

Interactive education & feedback to increase patient compliance with protocols. Increase confidence for earlier discharge by enabling patients to stay connected with providers.

Prevent ER visits & readmissions

Empower patients to track post-op progress and mitigate common concerns with automated self-care education. Smart alerts & dashboards to monitor patients and catch early signs of complications.

Reduce in-person post-op visits

Use monitoring dashboards to reassure patients on normal courses of recovery and avoid unnecessary in-person follow up visits.

"We are very proud of Canadian organizations like the CAN Health Network and SeamlessMD that are answering the call to action to provide critical support Canadians during this fight against COVID-19. This initiative will provide virtual support for patients who have undergone surgery and are in need of homecare during the pandemic, creating better health outcomes for Canadians, while supporting the economy with homegrown innovations.”
The Honourable Mélanie Joly
Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, Canada

↓ 25% ER visits despite ↑ 40% surgery cases

“Engaging and monitoring patients remotely allows us to deliver safer perioperative care during the COVID-19 pandemic – regardless of where patients live. Smart health technology aligns well with our mission to deliver a quality patient experience that is responsive to the needs of the population of Northwestern Ontario.”
Caroline Fanti
Director, Regional Surgical Services at TBRHSC
Featured on @TBnewsWatch

Keeping Patients Safe & Connected During COVID-19

“We partnered initially with SeamlessMD to support our orthopedic and cardiac surgery patients with a single point of access to care information that would help them and their caregivers prepare for surgery, support their recovery, and reduce hospital readmissions. When the pandemic started, digital patient engagement became the safest and most important way to engage and support patients in meeting those goals. SeamlessMD has been an essential virtual care tool through the pandemic, and patients like it.”
Angela Rea-Mahoney
Project Director for Bundled Care at Trillium Health Partners
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Logo

Deliver digital education during COVID-19

“It has been exciting to work with SeamlessMD to expand our strategy for patient- and family-centred care and improve the patient experience and health outcomes. With the use of myHip&Knee, patients are receiving focused education and recommendations at the right time in their recovery enabling them to better self-manage, monitor their progress and seek help when needed.”
Dr. Jeffrey Gollish
Dr. Jeffrey Gollish
Medical Director, The Holland Centre, Sunnybrook Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre
Sinai Health System Logo

Support Patients At Home & Reduce Readmissions by 66%

“SeamlessMD allows us to be proactive in our approach to post-discharge care. The platform has enabled us to extend our care beyond the wall of the hospital, monitor patient concerns in real-time, and ultimately prevent ER visits and readmissions.”
Dr. Erin Kennedy
Dr. Erin Kennedy
General Surgeon, Mount Sinai Hospital
Robust dashboards & analytics
Access provider dashboards to get alerted for patients at-risk, monitor post-op patient symptoms, screen for COVID-19 symptoms, collect patient experience feedback and access aggregate data for quality improvement and research (e.g. pain scores, opioid use, etc.)

Monitor Patients Remotely & Reduce ER Visits

“SeamlessMD gives us complete insight into each patient’s journey through surgery. It allows us to monitor patients to ensure a safe recovery and reduce unnecessary ER visits."
Dr. Yaron Shargall
Dr. Yaron Shargall
Chief, General Thoracic Surgery, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
Michael Garron Hospital Logo

↑ Throughput by ↓ Surgery Cancellations & ER Visits

"Prior to implementing the digital reminders and log, our team had 6 pre-operative failures (3 patients failed to stop anticoagulation, 2 failed to bring information to pre-operative visit and 1 patient was a "no show")... After implementation of the mobile application, there were 0 pre-operative failures… Patient satisfaction surveys indicate 100% of users were happy with the product."
CaseStudy SeamlessMD TEGH MGH

Why Patients Love SeamlessMD

Why Patients Love SeamlessMD

Reduced anxiety during recovery
“It was reassuring to know that I was on track in the healing process. I’m truly thankful for this program!”
Differentiated patient experience
“It answers virtually all of the questions for someone who has never had this surgery before. Whoever designed Seamless.MD put a huge amount of thought into its design and content. i found it to be a difference maker in staying informed!”
Empowered to track recovery
“It felt like I had access to the physician in some form. It allowed me to benchmark myself for pain and meds - which seems obvious, but without the app it is doubtful that a patient would write down what they are taking for pain, or what they are feeling for pain on a daily basis.”
Felt more connected to care team
“Made me feel like (the hospital) was with me the whole way. I never feel alone. I still feel like they are part of my recovery.”
Addressed concerns earlier
“It covered all concerns I had regarding my knee surgery. Was easy to use and not very time consuming. Thank you so much!”
Caught complication earlier
“My incision developed a hematoma and as soon as the program got this data, it instructed me to contact my provider. He responded within minutes of receipt. Made me feel well taken care of!”

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