"SeamlessMD acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. It connects them with our instructions easily, while providing them with a comfortable journey throughout the surgical pathway. My patients now feel a personal connection with me.

Using SeamlessMD has helped us reduce emergency room visits, surgery cancellations and phone calls to the doctor's office. It makes an already stressful situation more bearable for patients."

Dr. Carmine Simone
Chief of Surgery at Toronto East General Hospital

Case Study: Toronto East General Hospital

Download case-study to learn about the results from Toronto East General Hospital's partnership with SeamlessMD.

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Providers use SeamlessMD to deliver better care

Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez
Orthopaedic surgeon, Humber River Hospital

Keep a better eye on patients

“SeamlessMD allows me to monitor my patients, so they don’t have to travel back and forth. It also allows me to better liaise with my patient's caregivers.”

Kerrie Manley
Clinical Resource Leader for Surgery, The Scarborough Hospital

Accelerate quality improvement

““We have received an overwhelming response from patients who have found SeamlessMD helpful in their recovery. It also provides real time feedback that has translated into Quality Improvement opportunities.”

Patients are grateful to providers using SeamlessMD

Gino Tupone Testimonial

Gino Tupone

Reduce patient anxiety

"I had surgery before, and you walk in and you don’t know what is happening. Seamless told me what to eat, what to do, and what not to do. It would be helpful for a lot of patients because you feel alone during surgery."

Paul Marks Testimonial

Paul Marks

Give patients extra confidence

"The app has many benefits. The reminders during pre-op were very helpful. The postop experience I think is even better. The daily check-in gave me some confidence that everything was going well, and it made me more cognizant and aware of what I needed to do. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them (SeamlessMD)."

Roy Baxter Testimonial

Roy Baxter

Provide the right information

"I would definitely recommend Seamless. It is a great way to get information to patients. It allowed me to stay in touch with my surgeon."

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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

If you are a patient and need help with the program, please contact support@seamless.md