Reduce Opioid Use

Track narcotic use and adjust prescription practices according to the needs of your patient population

Research: Stanford Medical Center

Learn how Stanford Medical Center reduced daily opioid use (OME) by 51%.

Research: Rush University Medical Center

Learn how Rush University Medical Center saved $2300+ per patient.

Track Narcotic Usage

Prompt patients to track their opioid usage during recovery.


Determine How Many Pills Your Patients Consume

Use dashboards to determine how many opioids different patient populations actually need, and adjust your prescriptions practices accordingly.

Convert Narcotic Use To Oral Morphine Equivalents

Calculate morphine equivalents in real-time and export data for research, reporting, and analysis.

Three Seamless Reports
Think SeamlessMD might be right for your patient population?

How SeamlessMD Works

Patient Engagement

Guide patients before, during and after hospitalization on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Personalized Education

Deliver interactive care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists and evidence based education.

Track Patient Progress

Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode, such as pain, wound photos and protocol compliance.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Use alerts and dashboards to monitor patients and intervene sooner for patients at-risk.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.

EHR Integration

Use standalone or integrate with your existing infrastructure – SeamlessMD is the only patient engagement technology formally validated by both Epic and Cerner for integration.

World Class Customer Support

Can't find what you need? Contact our award-winning customer care team for more information.

"SeamlessMD has clearly improved our ability to educate our patients both before and after their procedures. The enthusiasm surrounding this platform has translated into rapid implementation of our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery pathways. The SeamlessMD Team has also provided us with invaluable post-implementation support."
Cheryl Crisafi
Cheryl Crisafi
Nurse Coordinator for Heart & Vascular Program, Baystate Health

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