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Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

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Nursing & Allied Health Professionals Overview

How SeamlessMD Improves Your Workflow

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SeamlessMD Overview

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Curious how SeamlessMD would work for your patient population?

How SeamlessMD Works

How SeamlessMD Works

Patient Engagement

Guide patients before, during and after hospitalization on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Personalized Education

Deliver interactive care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists, videos and evidence based education.

Track Patient Progress

Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode, such as pain, compliance and validated surveys.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Use alerts and dashboards to monitor patients and intervene sooner for patients at-risk.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.

EHR Integration

Use standalone or integrate with your EHR – SeamlessMD is the only patient engagement technology validated by both Epic and Cerner for integration.


Average Patient Age


Patient Activation


Remain Engaged After 2 Weeks


Caregiver Enrollment

Improve Patient Experience

“SeamlessMD has been critical for our readmissions prevention strategy, allowing our care teams to monitor patients at home and catch complications earlier. Most importantly, patients love the SeamlessMD experience! Patients feel connected to our team every step of the way, even when they are at home.”
Cheryl Crisafi
Nurse Coordinator, Heart & Vascular Program, Baystate Health

Seamless Integration with Existing Workflows

“SeamlessMD has been an incredible partner in helping us leverage digital patient engagement technology to deliver Cardiac ERAS, improve the patient experience, reduce length of stay and lower readmissions. Their seamless Epic integration also made it easy to fit in our clinical workflow.”
Amy Durako
Nurse Practitioner, Prairie Heart Institute

Reduce Patient Phone Calls & Visits


of patients said SeamlessMD helped avoid 1+ phone calls


of patients said SeamlessMD helped avoid 3+ phone calls


of patients said SeamlessMD helped avoid 1+ hospital visit

Montreal Heart Institute Case Study
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What’s it like to work with the SeamlessMD team?

Easy to Implement

"The setup was quick and easy... The sky was the limit... I told you what were my goals, what were the things that were important to us as providers with this patient population, and then what things were important to our patients that they had been telling us for years... And you guys just kind of made all of that happen within one application."
Misty B. Eller
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health
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Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

Felt more connected to care team
“Made me feel like (the hospital) was with me the whole way. I never feel alone. I still feel like they are part of my recovery.”
Addressed concerns earlier
“It covered all concerns I had regarding my knee surgery. Was easy to use and not very time consuming. Thank you so much!”
Reduced anxiety during recovery
“It was reassuring to know that I was on track in the healing process. I’m truly thankful for this program!”
Caught complication earlier
“My incision developed a hematoma and as soon as the program got this data, it instructed me to contact my provider. He responded within minutes of receipt. Made me feel well taken care of!”
Differentiated patient experience
“It answers virtually all of the questions for someone who has never had this surgery before. Whoever designed Seamless.MD put a huge amount of thought into its design and content. i found it to be a difference maker in staying informed!”
Empowered to track recovery
“It felt like I had access to the physician in some form. It allowed me to benchmark myself for pain and meds - which seems obvious, but without the app it is doubtful that a patient would write down what they are taking for pain, or what they are feeling for pain on a daily basis.”

Best Practices for High Patient Engagement

SeamlessMD utilizes cutting-edge interactive technology to improve patient self-care through simple, action-oriented, tailored and accessible education. We use a design strategy that combines the best of the fields of health literacy, adult education and online accessibility.

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Why Providers Love SeamlessMD

Why Providers Love SeamlessMD

“Our patients are happier, less anxious, and feel more connected to our care team. SeamlessMD works synergistically with Epic to streamline our workflow, leading to improved staff and patient satisfaction."
Kristin Doster
EVP Cardiovascular Services, Hospital Sisters Health System
"SeamlessMD has clearly improved our ability to educate our patients both before and after their procedures. The enthusiasm surrounding this platform has translated into rapid implementation of our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery pathways. The SeamlessMD Team has also provided us with invaluable post-implementation support."
Cheryl Crisafi
Cheryl Crisafi
Nurse Coordinator, Heart & Vascular Program, Baystate Health
"Surgery is very, very confusing. The way we presented the information to patients before hasn’t been very good. SeamlessMD helps us do it better. Patients feel like they're engaged with the whole recovery process."
Dr. Daniel Chu
Dr. Daniel Chu
ERAS Medical Director & Colorectal Surgeon, UAB Health System

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