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Using Digital Patient Engagement to ↓ LOS, SSIs & cost for existing ERAS program

Using Digital Patient Engagement to ↓ LOS, SSIs & cost for existing ERAS program

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Rush University Medical Center established an ERAS program in 2014, starting with Colorectal Surgery. The ERAS program reduced colorectal surgery average LOS from almost 7 days to just below 6 days. Rush then partnered with SeamlessMD to further reduce LOS by measuring and improving ERAS patient compliance, and delivering real-time education for patients to better self-manage.

Key Results

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↓ $ 0
Total Costs

A Technology-Driven Solution that Empowers Clinical Teams to Improve Patient Care

Rush realized that a technology solution would be critical to optimize the success of their ERAS initiative. They therefore implemented SeamlessMD to provide a patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care program for patients undergoing colorectal ERAS.

SeamlessMD engaged Rush's entire interdisciplinary care team to customize protocols and content on the platform to meet the needs of their ERAS program.

Patients and family members accessed SeamlessMD on their smartphones, tablets & computers, which provided:
Clinical Results with SeamlessMD
“SeamlessMD is taking the recommendations that we’re giving patients in the ERAS process, and it’s putting that right in a patient’s pocket.”
Anthony Perry
Anthony J. Perry, MD
VP Ambulatory Care & Population Health, Rush University

How Digital Patient Engagement Improves ERAS Success

Learn how top ERAS programs leverage Digital Patient Engagement to deliver standardized education, track ERAS compliance and collect ERAS PROs

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