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Perioperative care is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Value-based care is shifting increasing responsibility for surgical quality and cost to providers, hospitals and health systems. Healthcare organizations need more scalable ways to deliver better care before, during and after surgery.

At SeamlessMD, we are on a mission to give every patient the best health outcomes for surgery.

We are clinicians, designers and engineers leveraging design, data and technology to improve patient engagement and coordination of care across the perioperative pathway.


Andrea Matheson
CEO, Sapphire Digital Health

Dr. Ray Muzyka
Co-founder, BioWare

Dr. Daniel Schwartz
Co-founder, QxMD

Anthony Lacavera
Founder, WIND Mobile

Engaged Patients. Better Outcomes.

Start delivering better care today.


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Seamless acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. My patients feel more connected to me and they self-manage much better than before.

Carmine Simone – Chief of Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital

If you are a patient and need help with the program, please contact support@seamless.md