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Surgeon Spotlight: Meet Dr. Trevor Born

This week we sat down with Dr. Trevor M. Born, one of North America’s leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He is a thought leader who is committed to improving patient engagement, experience and quality of care … Read More

It Takes Courage To Be Truly Patient-Centered

I was incredibly impressed by the announcement today that three top U.S. health systems – Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the University of Michigan Health System – will be enforcing standards that prevent low-volume hospitals from performing certain … Read MoreRead More

9 mHealth Facts to Watch in 2015

2015 will be an exciting year for mobile health (mHealth). According to Research and Markets, the mHealth industry is growing at 61% annually. To watch how this mHealth market grows, here are 9 mHealth facts that you should watch. 1. Physicians are … Read More

The real competition to digital health startups

People often ask who our competition is for SeamlessMD. Usually I rattle off a few companies and explain how we are different. And I do that because people are genuinely asking about other companies operating in the same space.The truth … Read More

The answer to the doctor shortage isn’t more doctors

Yesterday, the New York Time’s Editorial Board published a piece on the shortage of physicians in the United States and what’s needed for healthcare workforce redesign. It’s a good, concise piece about the common thinking around the gap between the … Read More

Make healthcare seamless.

SeamlessMD was built with the vision to make a patient’s journey through the healthcare system seamless. Our team, our clients and our partners are on a mission to make healthcare better in every way they can. Today, we want to … Read More

Why health outcomes data should directly feed back to the frontline

The first time I met one of my staff physicians on Internal Medicine, he told our team he had just one rule: “Our team must contact the patient’s family physician during the admission, inform him or her of the situation … Read More