Coffee Series

surgeon spotlight

Surgeon Spotlight: Meet Dr. Trevor Born

This week we sat down with Dr. Trevor M. Born, one of North America’s leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He is a thought leader who is committed to improving patient engagement, experience and quality of care … Read More

Joseph Kvedar with SeamlessMD

Coffee with Joseph Kvedar – Director of Partner’s Center for Connected Health

Digital trends are shaping the health technology space and SeamlessMD wants to know what the movers and shakers of this field foresee in the future of health tech. Today we continue our coffee series discussing game-changing trends with thought leaders in … Read More

Coffee with Omada Health’s Andrew DiMichele: The Future of Digital Health

Andrew DiMichele is a programmer turned health entrepreneur. After becoming one of the first non-founding employees of Lattice Engines, Andrew later went on to found Omada Health, a company using digital therapeutics and smart technology to develop effective behaviour change therapies. … Read More

Coffee with former CIO of Mount Sinai Hospital Prateek Dwivedi: Build something relevant

One of the greatest assets we have here at SeamlessMD is the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our advisors bring to our work. This week, we asked Prateek Dwivedi, a former CIO of Mount Sinai Hospital turned health technology … Read More

Coffee with Veronika Litinski: Patient data will improve clinical decisions

 At MaRS, we are privileged to be surrounded with brilliant mentors who guide us as we work to create a better patient experience. This week, we had the chance to sit down with Veronika Litinski, who is both an entrepreneur … Read More

Coffee with Dr. Daniel Schwartz: Physicians are often criticized as technophobic and that is just not correct

Daniel Schwartz is a nephrologist at the University of British Columbia and is the founder and Chief MedicalOfficer of QxMD, a medical apps producer that is improving patient care. His interests are unified around the areas of innovation and medical education. … Read More