Case Study: Sinai Health System

Find out how Sinai Health System reduced 30-day readmissions by 66%.

Case Study: Sinai Health System

Sinai Health System’s colorectal surgery program noticed a significant number of patients coming back to the emergency room (ER) for non-urgent issues. In addition, the care team was looking to improve its 30-day readmission rate, which was similar to the regional average of 15%. The care team saw an opportunity to utilize smartphone and tablet technology via SeamlessMD to improve patient engagement and enable its care team to monitor patient recovery, catch warning signs sooner and work to proactively prevent ER visits and readmissions.

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"SeamlessMD allows us to be proactive in our approach to post-discharge care. The platform has enabled us to extend our care beyond the wall of the hospital, monitor patient concerns in real-time and ultimately prevent ER visits and readmissions." - Dr. Erin Kennedy Colorectal Surgeon Sinai Health System

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