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Using Digital Patient Engagement Technology to ↓ LOS, readmissions & SNF use for Cardiac Surgery


Using Digital Patient Engagement Technology to ↓ LOS, readmissions & SNF use for Cardiac Surgery

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Baystate Health, a 5-hospital health system in Western Massachusetts has made made the shift to value-based care (i.e. Next Gen ACO). Integral to this plan was to implement one of the world’s first Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs for Cardiac Surgery. Baystate’s goals for its Cardiac ERAS program were to improve patient satisfaction while reducing hospital length of stay and readmissions.

Dr. Daniel Engelman, Medical Director for the Heart & Vascular Surgical Program, and President of the ERAS® Cardiac International Society, recognized that patient engagement is an essential component for an ERAS program. However, he realized that in-person education, instruction booklets and paper-based surveys resulted in limited patient compliance and no easy way to track patient progress.

Key Results

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Discharge to SNF
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Observation stays
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ED visits

A Technology-Driven Solution that Empowers Clinical Teams to Improve Patient Care

Baystate realized that a technology solution would be critical to the success of their ERAS initiative. They therefore implemented SeamlessMD to provide a patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care program for patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

SeamlessMD engaged Baystate’s entire interdisciplinary care team to customize protocols and content on the platform to meet the needs of their ERAS Cardiac program.

Patients and family members accessed SeamlessMD on their smartphones, tablets & computers, which provided:

An Intelligent, Remote Patient Monitoring System for Improving Outcomes

Through SeamlessMD dashboards, the nursing team received alerts and patient responses to rapidly intervene for patients with low protocol compliance. Improved protocol compliance helped accelerate recovery time and reduce LOS.

After discharge, the nursing team continued to monitor alerts and patient responses. This enabled the team to monitor for early warning signs of complications (e.g. fever, incision issues) and reach out to patients to prevent ER visits and readmissions.
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“Patient engagement technology like SeamlessMD is a recommended component in the ERAS® Cardiac guidelines. SeamlessMD has empowered our patients to be partners in their own care, leading to better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.”
Daniel T. Engelman, MD
Medical Director, Heart & Vascular Center, Baystate Health
President, ERAS® Cardiac Society

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