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Patient-Centered, Provider-Focused.

Six years ago, after reaching the peak of frustration towards avoidable readmissions due to lack of engagement and patient monitoring, and sought to build a better way. Along the journey, we’ve heard all of the challenges providers face with the patient experience. For example:

• Patients receive a stack of paper instructions for how to prepare for surgery. These instructions are often lost, forgotten, or difficult to follow. Pre-operatively, poor compliance leads to avoidable cancellations and patients poorly optimized for surgery.

• While in-hospital, Enhanced Recovery protocols such as early mobilization, demand even more patient engagement. However, limited time for patient education and a lack of data indicating who is compliant and who is not, ultimately yields poor compliance with your protocols – leading to longer lengths of stay.


• Finally, patients are discharged into “a black hole” with limited support for recovery beyond a single phone call. Without the data, providers do not have reliable ways to track patient recovery and intervene sooner for signs of complication. This produces avoidable ER visits and readmissions.


With a particular focus on diminishing challenges, SeamlessMD provides the technology platform used by the leading health systems to engage, monitor, and optimize patients for better outcomes. Our partners have achieved incredible results, and receive rave reviews from patients. With the continued shift towards value-based care, you can trust SeamlessMD to improve care and outcomes – additional staff time not required.

"Ensure every patient gets the right care at the right time."

Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO, SeamlessMD

What Patients Love About SeamlessMD

Less Anxiety

“I feel less anxious about recovery because I know that I can always go on line if I have any problems or questions about my recovery.”
Satisfied Patient
CA, United States of America

Felt Connected

“Felt connected to the surgery team after I went home and helped answer questions I would of needed to call about.”
Satisfied Patient
MA, United States of America

Family Engagement

“My daughter and granddaughter were a huge help. They also read and studied hints. They made sure I was doing everything right”
Satisfied Patient
IL, United States of America

Fewer Calls & Visits

“I liked being able to tell the staff what I was experiencing after the surgery without having to call the office”
Satisfied Patient
NC, United States of America

How SeamlessMD Improves The Patient Experience

SeamlessMD is available to patients on all devices. Proven by academic research to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, SeamlessMD enables you to provide personalized care for each patient, with controls for:

Patient Engagement

Right care, right time. Send reminders to keep patients on track with your protocols. Reminders can be sent by text message, email, or in-app notification.

Personalized Education

Empower your patients. Deliver interactive education to improve patient comprehension, including to-do lists and evidence-based education.

Track Data & Get Insights

Improve quality and outcomes. Collect data from patients across the episode (such as compliance, pain, wound photos, narcotic usage) and get insights to improve care.

Robust Features

SeamlessMD is enterprise-ready, built to streamline your workflow and scale to accommodate your patient population.

Easy EHR Integration

Compliment your existing infrastructure. SeamlessMD is the only patient engagement technology formally validated by Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts for its robust integration engine.

Template Care Pathways

Promote behavioural change. Access our library of evidence-based care pathways that follow best practices for accessibility and health literacy.

Full Customization of Content And Workflows

Your patients, your care. Modify or replace any content or workflows to fit the needs of your organization and patient population.

Secure Messaging

Keep patients at ease. Receive real-time patient recovery insights such as pain scores and wound photos, and securely message your patient if necessary.

Alerts & Notifications

Your patients, your data.

HIPAA Compliant

Your patients, your data.

Multilingual Support

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3rd Party Device Integration

Integrate with wearables etc.

Ongoing Support and Updates

Weekly patient interviews

Your SeamlessMD Success Team

When you partner with SeamlessMD, you don't just get the technology. You get an entire success team that is dedicated to getting you results.

Couple On Computer

Customer Success Manager

Provides project management, training, reporting and on-going support to ensure you achieve your goals.
Man Lifting Notification

Patient Experience Specialist

Translates your pathways using best practices for accessibility to create engaging programs on the platform that achieve results.
QA Profile Cards

Quality Assurance Engineer

Configures, tests, and updates your programs on all platforms (Web, Apple, Android) to ensure patient safety.
Patient Support Specialist

Patient Support Specialist

Handles technical support issues and follows up on patients who are disengaged.
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"SeamlessMD has clearly improved our ability to educate our patients both before and after their procedures. The enthusiasm surrounding this platform has translated into rapid implementation of our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery pathways. The SeamlessMD Team has also provided us with invaluable post-implementation support."
Cheryl Crisafi
Cheryl Crisafi
Nurse Coordinator for Heart & Vascular Program, Baystate Health

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