SeamlessMD CEO Talks ‘Reinventing Healthcare’ on GlobalNews’ The Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show

The Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show introduces listeners to the most successful entrepreneurs in Canadian business. They’ll bring their inspirational, behind-the-scenes stories of how they built their companies from scratch, and leave the audience feeling motivated to take on exciting new ventures of their own. Host Joel Matlin is one of Canada’s brightest serial entrepreneurs, best-known for his role as former president and founder of AlarmForce. Over the course of his career, Matlin has founded or co-founded six major companies, and he brings a wealth of personal experience to the microphone.


Recently, SeamlessMD CEO Joshua Liu, MD, was invited as a guest speaker on GlobalNews’ The Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show to discuss the moment SeamlessMD was created and how it has had to grow to keep up with unprecedented times.


Highlights from the podcast episode include:

  • – How Dr. Liu first learned about Hospital & Healthcare Quality challenges such as Readmissions;
  • – Why Dr. Liu seeks “failure” to learn quickly and how SeamlessMD was created after a number of “failed” ventures;
  • – How COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital health and how Ontario hospitals are turning to SeamlessMD for patient engagement innovation;


Check out the episode here:

You can also listen to the podcast episode here or on the Global News website here.

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