Rush University Medical Center reduces LOS and SSIs with SeamlessMD, Saves $2300+ per patient

Rush University Medical Center

In 2014, Rush University Medical Center established a Colorectal ERAS program. After successfully reducing opioid utilization and patient length of stay, the team soon found the reductions in LOS start to plateau like many other ERAS programs. After observing this trend, the team at Rush acknowledged they were missing the tools needed to measure and improve patient compliance with ERAS protocols to optimize their results further.

SeamlessMD patient engagement, remote monitoring, and virtual care platform at Rush University Medical Center

In 2017, Rush implemented SeamlessMD to engage, educate, and track patients across the ERAS episode so they could keep patients on-track while collecting PROs such as ERAS compliance.

Earlier this month, Rush University published a study in the International Journal of Colorectal Disease assessing the value of SeamlessMD for their established enhanced recovery program.

The results from the study (n=289) show patients enrolled in SeamlessMD to have higher ERAS protocol compliance, lower mean LOS and SSI rates, and total patient costs that are $2386 less for patients not enrolled.

Click Here to read the full Rush study in the International Journal of Colorectal Disease.

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