How Axia Women’s Health providers are leveraging technology to achieve optimal patient care


The blog post below is a summary of a letter published in Contemporary OB/GYN by Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, the Obstetrics ERAS Lead for Axia Women’s Health and Saint Peter’s University Healthcare System. Click here to read Dr. Elizabeth Cherot’s full article in Contemporary OB/GYN.


When it comes to providing exceptional patient experience and care, Axia Women’s Health stands out from the crowd.  The group, formerly known as Regional Women’s Health Group, provides a full spectrum of care specializing in women’s health care services, including obstetrics, gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, and state-of-the-art women’s imaging services.  As an industry innovator, Axia Women’s Health created the first Enhanced Recovery After Cesarean Section (ERAS) protocol in the United States.

The aim of the enhanced recovery program is to elevate the patient experience through increased patient engagement, activation, and satisfaction throughout the perioperative period. With multidisciplinary care throughout the episode, the patient is better equipped for surgery, which has been shown to reduces stress and anxiety and improve satisfaction and recovery times.

Recognizing the transition to value-based care, Axia Women’s Health, and the obstetrics team at Saint Peter’s University Healthcare System, implemented SeamlessMD’s Optimal Care Delivery platform which allows patients and their families to receive the right care, at the right time.  The platform includes a patient engagement app which patients use to complete tasks, consume education, and fill out surveys, which are all tracked by the hospital care teams. For the providers, SeamlessMD shifts care management to a proactive approach, providing a remote monitoring solution, and a system to accurately catch patients at-risk of complication far sooner than the traditional follow-up. As well, Axia Women’s Health providers access custom dashboards to view patient compliance, patient-reported outcomes (PRO), and gain actionable insights to improve their care over time.


“It was like a friend checking up on you… This made my second recovery so much better! I wish I had this for my first c-section. I loved the answers at the end.” – Axia Women’s Health Patient

In addition to a 1.5-day reduction in length of stay, SeamlessMD has achieved a high engagement response rate with new mothers and has noticeably increased patient satisfaction. Much of this success can be attributed to the extensive library of patient education that is delivered at the right time for each patient (according to their individual needs), which empowers patients to take control of their health care and make informed decisions. The combination of their Enhanced Recovery program and SeamlessMD has also been instrumental in decreasing narcotic use.

Cheers to value-based care,
Alan Sardana

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